Give A Regular Gift

Giving regularly means your donation can be spread equally across the year. Most people choose to give monthly, although some give quarterly or annually. It helps us plan more efficiently for the ministry, as we have a better idea of our income.

Some of our regular donors came to faith through Crusaders (Urban Saints was known as Crusaders from 1906 to 2006) when they were young. Others are just equally passionate about our cause. The truth is our ministry would not exist without them.

For example, the support, resources and training we provide to our groups are all heavily subsidised and it is the generosity of our regular givers that enable us to keep our charges to groups as low as possible. This enables our leaders to be focused on ministry and not raising finance.

Every gift, regardless of size, makes a significant difference to the work of Urban Saints. We need many more people to support in this way so that we can continue to grow, reaching even more young people with the good news of Jesus. For example:

* A gift of £15 per month will fully subsidize one Urban Saints Group for a whole year
* A gift of £50 per month will enable us to produce 6 weeks of high quality meeting plans to enable leaders to creatively teach God’s awesome truth to children and young people
* A gift of £100 per month will enable us to provide a free copy of a video-based training package for every Group each year
* A gift of £200 per month will fully fund the development of a new one day training course for hundreds of leaders every year.

Please download the direct debit form below (or set it up online yourself) if you wish to help in this way, and post it to us at Urban Saints, Kestin House, 45 Crescent Road, Luton, Beds LU2 0AH.

Download a paper-copy of the Direct Debit form

Set up a direct debit online