Gift Aid

Why Gift Aid?

Urban Saints can claim back 25p from every £1 you donate to us if you are a UK taxpayer. So £10.00 becomes £12.50 at no extra cost to you. 

In order for us to be able to claim gift aid you must have paid at least as much in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the tax year as you want to claim in Gift Aid and you must make a Gift Aid Declaration.

Download a Gift Aid form here and post it to us at Urban Saints, Kestin House, 45 Crescent Road, Luton, Beds LU2 0AH.

Gift Aid form


What is Gift Aid?

The Gift Aid system allows Urban Saints to reclaim the tax on a gift from a UK taxpayer, and add it to the value of the gift. If you make a Gift Aid declaration to Urban Saints, we can reclaim the tax on every gift you make while you are a UK taxpayer.

How do I make a Gift Aid declaration to Urban Saints?

You can make a Gift Aid declaration to Urban Saints if you are a UK taxpayer by

a) completing a form available from our website

b) by telephoning us for a form 01582 589850

c) by emailing us on

d) by completing the Gift Aid section when making a gift online or setting up a Direct Debit.

The declaration covers all your gifts to Urban Saints in the future, while you remain a UK taxpayer. The declaration also covers any gifts you have made to Urban Saints in the last four years, provided that you have been a UK taxpayer throughout that period.

How much Gift Aid is reclaimed?

In simple terms it is an extra 25% on top of the gift you donated. For example if you  give a gift to Urban Saints of £100, Urban Saints will be able to reclaim £25.

Can you reclaim tax on all my gifts?

In order for the tax to be reclaimed, the gift must come from a source of income that has been taxed by income tax or capital gains tax.

For Urban Saints to reclaim Gift Aid, is there a minimum amount that I have to give? Do I have to commit to making regular gifts?

Unlike previous Gift Aid systems (before April 2000) there is no minimum amount and there is no need to commit to a set amount of giving over a specific period.

I am not in regular employment. Do I pay enough tax to cover Gift Aid?

Urban Saints can still reclaim the tax if you pay tax at the lower rate, or are not in regular employment however it is your responsibility to make sure that you have paid enough tax in a financial year to cover your Gift Aid on any donations made to Urban Saints and any other charities.  

I have recently moved house but I only receive emails from you. Do you need to know my new address?

Yes. We cannot claim gift aid unless we have a correct postal address for you.

I have recently stopped paying UK tax. What do I need to do to stop my Gift Aid declaration?

Please contact us (01582 589850, with your name, address and the date of when you stopped paying UK tax. We will cancel the Gift Aid declaration and ensure no further tax is reclaimed on your gifts.

If I make a Gift Aid declaration today, can you claim the tax on gifts I have previously made to Urban Saints?

Tax claims can be backdated to gifts received by Urban Saints in the last four years, If you have not been a taxpayer for the last four years, please indicate the date on which you started to pay tax when completing a Gift Aid declaration form.

I pay tax at the Higher Rate. Can Urban Saints reclaim all the tax on my gifts?

Urban Saints can only reclaim tax at the basic rate for all supporters. For Higher rate taxpayer, there is a section on your tax return where you can reclaim the extra tax on your charitable donations.  You can either keep this or donate it to us.

We are giving from a joint account. I am a taxpayer but my spouse is not. Can Urban Saints still reclaim the tax?

Tax can be claimed on gifts from a joint account, where one of the couple is a taxpayer and the other is not. If the gift is coming from a joint bank account, only one gift aid declaration (from the tax-payer) is needed to reclaim the tax. If the gift is made by cheque, it can be signed by either partner (it does not need to be signed by the taxpayer).