Give As You Live

Help raise funds for Urban Saints without costing you anything, just by shopping online

Use ‘Give As You Live’ when you shop online...

If you buy anything online, then you can help raise funds at no extra cost to yourself through Give As You Live. This is a great site which donates money back to Urban Saints for virtually everything you buy online.

Thousands of top retailers including Amazon,, John Lewis, iTunes,, and Argos have signed up to donate a percentage to charity every time we shop online through Give as you Live, so if you haven't already, please visit Give As You Live and sign up before you get started on your shopping.

Shopping through Give as you Live is no different to shopping online normally; it's just as secure and your shopping won't cost you any more.

You can either go through their website first whenever you want to shop, or you can install it onto your laptop and it should automatically ask you each time you go to make a payment.

Please consider signing up to Give as you Live today. Thanks!

Give As You Live

Build Projects

If you are fundraising for ReBuild / Global Gathering / Build Family, your Team Leader will have set you up a page on BT My Donate. This link takes you to the main screen.

Fundraising for Rebuild

Fundraising on behalf of Urban Saints

If you would like to do some fundraising on behalf of Urban Saints, we are set up on:

Virgin Money Giving

Just Giving

We are also set up on BT MY DONATE, but use this account for Build Projects only.