Flip the narrative

‘Change your thoughts and you change your world.’

Norman Vincent Pearle

Everyone has their own story. These individual narratives often affect the way we make decisions, approach situations and view ourselves or other people. If you think of your narrative as being a cake, you will quickly realise just how many ingredients are mixed together to make the end product.  Some of these ingredients will be random, insignificant pieces of information, while others will be full of meaning (such as memories, family circumstances and life experiences). However, anyone who bakes will know that while you need the basic components to make a cake, you can completely change the taste, consistency and appearance just by removing some ingredients or introducing new flavours. In a similar way, just like a recipe, we can rewrite our own personal stories.


Urban Saints believe that right now - during these unusual and extraordinary circumstances - we could all benefit from reassessing our stories and perspectives. This not only helps us to find hope in difficult times but can significantly increase our self-esteem and well-being. This idea is shared by Dr Timothy Wilson who says,

“Our experience of the world is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and our interpretations of it, and these stories can often become so distorted and destructive that they completely hinder our ability to live balanced, purposeful, happy lives. So, the key to personal transformation is story transformation.”

Will you join us as we flip the narrative across the nations?

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Friday 18th December

For our third week of advent, we hear from Sophie, Maija, Hannah and Eve as they review this weekend's movie recommendation, Arthur Christmas


Friday 11th December

It's our second week of advent! This week we have a movie recommended by our Christmas-loving Impact Team Leader Anthony. Download his review of Klaus and conversation starters to use with your group. 


Friday 4th December

Welcome to our first week of advent! This week we have a movie recommended by three of our young people, Max, Bex and Tom. Download their review of the movie Nativity and conversation starters to use with your group. 


Friday 27th November

How can you build excitement this season? Download some top tips from Becks and Pam for all the things you can include to have fun this Christmas.


Friday 20th November

This week’s film recommendation Amazing Grace looks at William Wilberforce’s struggle to end the slave trade in the British empire. Download our conversation starters and discuss what it means to truly show grace.


Friday 13th November

We have a messy challenge for you this week! Are you willing to test the forces of gravity with an egg? Download our activity instructions and have a go. There are also questions to reflect upon afterwards. What could go wrong? 

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any eggs that may be broken in this activity :)


Friday 6th November

This weekend's movie recommendation follows the fictional story of Liesel Meminger during World War II. This fabulous film, The Book Thief, is a story of compassion, new beginnings and the love of reading. Download our conversation starters to use with your group. 


Friday 30th October

This weekend we have some activities created by our friends at Champion Kids for indoor fun - download here.

Why not add some music to your night too? Check out this playlist for your weekend. 


Friday 23rd October

This weekend's phenomenal movie recommendation is Invictus. It is a biographical sports drama, with a message of Hope. Download our conversation starters and watch with family or friends. 


Friday 15th October

The ‘impossible’ becomes ‘I’m possible’ when we invest in our inner coach! How can you encourage yourself and others this weekend? Can you do the balloon challenge this weekend?


Friday 9th October

Our movie recommendation this weekend is a real tear-jerker. Blind Side is a true story based on the life of former American Football Player, Michael Oherwe. Grab yourself some tissues and our conversation starters


Friday 2nd October

This weekend, we recommend you throw off any stresses of the week with a spontaneous one minute dance party. Nominate a family favourite, and whenever someone plays the song, everyone joins in with the freestyling fun. Share your best videos! 


Friday 25th September

This week we recommend the romantic story Crazy Rich Asians. This film is absolutely filled with friendship, funny family moments and challenging cultural story lines, so download our conversation starters and bring on the discussions.  


Friday 17th September

This weekend, we have a fun challenge for you all. Can you get through dinner, an afternoon or even a day without saying the word 'mine'? If not, get ready to complete some forfeits!


Friday 11th September

We have a well known movie recommendation for you this weekend!  Aladdin is an orphan who faces various challenges during childhood that lead him down a path of thievery and a life on the run.  Our conversation starters will help you to discuss how his life changes and unfolds after meeting Princess Jasmine. 


Friday 4th September

This weekend, we have an action-packed movie recommendation! This story follows T'Challa – otherwise known as Black Panther – as he returns home to Wakanda to protect his people and homeland. There are so many themes to discuss in this movie – download our conversation starters and really dig in to what it means to live adventurously.


Friday 28th August

We have a creative challenge for you this weekend. Have you ever tried scrapbooking or making a photo album? Life is full of adventure and we often keep things that remind us of special times, whether that be photos, tickets, notes, pressed flowers or similar. Why not trying compiling these things into a notepad to make a memory book? What a great thing to be able to reflect back on as the years go by.


Friday 21st August

This weekend, we have a musical movie recommendation! The Greatest Showman is a great movie to get you up singing. Based on the life of circus owner P.T. Barnum, the story explores what it means to desire a more from life and chase dreams at whatever the cost. Download our conversation starters and explore the theme of generosity with your family and friends.


Friday 14th August

This week's movie recommendation is Moana. This movie of adventure and justice seem to be Moana’s middle names - she would be a great Urban Saint!

Join us in watching this movie, and use our conversation starters to discuss how the act of courage brought out the true identity of the movie characters.


Friday 7th August

This weekend we have a creative challenge for you. Grab a book, open it to a random page (we are suggesting page 36), and rewrite how the story continues. It is amazing what we can come up with when we allow our creativity to flow!


Friday 31st July

This week's movie recommendation is The Pursuit of Happyness. Based on a true story, it follows the life of single father Chris Gardner who was evicted from their apartment with her young son. A great movie to watch before using our conversation starters to discuss the need for patience and perseverance throughout life. 


Friday 24th July

Today we have an ethical activity for you to consider. Often we store things that we no longer use, need or wear, and these things can be of great value to others. This weekend we are challenging everyone to look through their possessions and see if there is anything that they could gift to someone else or take to a charity shop that will ultimately bless others. It’s a great feeling to recycle.

Friday 17th July

This weekend we are recommending Monsters Inc. In this movie, we meet Mike and Sully, the top ranking ‘scarers’, who visit children at night to collect their screams to use as energy! Download our conversation starters and uncover how laughter can power the world.

Friday 10th July

This Friday, we have a fun activity to get you up dancing and thinking about the power of music and lyrics. Download our challenge flyer and get creative. Don't forget to share your favourites with us!


Friday 3rd July

This week we are recommending Toy Story 4. The movie throughout includes powerful examples of empathy and has touching themes of friendship, loyalty, imagination, and happiness. Download our conversation starters and talk through these themes with family and friends. 


Friday 26th June

Annie (2014) is our movie pick of the week. Download our conversation starters and join us for this easy to watch weekend treat with family and friends.

Friday 19th June

Lean in, download our conversation starters and have an open discussion about the power of enduring and overcoming in life with this week's movie recommendation, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Friday 12th June

This week’s movie recommendation is Just Mercy. Based on Bryan Stevenson’s best selling book, Just Mercy is a true life story of justice and redemption. Download our conversation starters on justice.


Friday 5th June

This week’s movie recommendation is Freedom Writers. It explores how integration alone is not enough to address matters of racial inequality. Download our conversation starters on injustice.


Friday 29th May

Why not create a collage this weekend? Put on some music, let your mind wander as you look through magazines and newspapers. Cut out the articles or pictures that stand out to you or that you feel passionate about. Putting these together in a collage could potentially help you to identify how you are feeling and allow your purpose to shine through. 

Friday 22nd May

This weekend, we would like to recommend the movie Sing. It really is one of those movies that is packed with so many things, including messages of overcoming difficulties, honesty and bravery. Well worth a watch. Here are some conversation starters to use afterwards.  

Friday 15th May

Hide and seek is our recommended family fun for this weekend. Most of us can think of a time where we have felt in the dark at some point in our life. Here, Anthony, one of Impact Team Leaders, has shared a reflection.

Friday 8th May

This weekend, we would like to recommend the movie How to Train a Dragon. Featuring Hiccup, the Norse teenager from the island of Berk, it is a story of self-discovery, kindness and courage. During the film, Norse tries to prove he is a true Viking by challenging the negative views that he is a misfit. As he enters dragon-fighting school, through his unlikely friendship with an injured dragon, he has the chance to plot a new course for the future of his people. Download our conversation starters to discuss the main themes from the film with your children and young people.


Friday 1st May

This Kahoot! short quiz has been created with questions that have links to hope. Be it the country we live in, the comfort of traditions such as a good cup of tea, TV watching, films and songs; they all can add to us all holding on to hope. Go ahead and enjoy the Hope Bringer quiz with up to 10 friends or family members online. Join in with the fun!

Friday 24th April

This weekend, we would like to recommend the movie Inside Out. This family movie opens a window into the world of emotions. It shows how tough emotions like sadness, fear, and anger, despite being extremely uncomfortable for people to experience, serve an important purpose in life.

Why not watch the film together with family or online with friends before using our conversation starters to share your thoughts afterwards?


Friday 17th April

One factor that continually holds children and young people back is the fear of failure. If they are afraid to fail, when faced with a challenge, they are likely to either give up before they even begin or become anxious because they do not achieve something the first time. There will be times in their future where they face a goal that seems too big to be achievable. It is our role now as parents, youth leaders and role models to enable our children and young people to build the resilience they need to face these type of challenges head on. This is not an easy task; however, the attached six healthy strategies can be explored.

This weekend why not encourage your children and young people to undertake a task that they find challenging. It could be a great way to introduce discussions on courage, optimism and growth. No child or young person should be held captive by self-doubt or prevented from becoming all they are designed to be. 


Friday 10th April 

This Easter weekend, we would like to recommend the movie Up. This family film shares the story of Carl and his wife Ellie planning a wonderful adventure together. Despite their circumstances changing, a different, new adventure was born. From sadness came hope. 

Why not have a Netflix party and watch the film together with family or friends before using our conversation starters to share your thoughts afterwards?