Our Big Journey

Friday 24th - Sunday 26th March 2023


We are on a journey together. Supporting, encouraging and discipling children and young people. One of the reasons why Urban Saints has continued to be a movement for over 100 years is because we have loved doing things together. Groups, Camps, events, sports, gatherings – it’s just not as inspiring doing them alone. The journey of faith itself is a journey best done together.

Over the weekend of 24th - 26th March, Our Big Journey will see members of Urban Saints Groups, Camps teams and supporters of Urban Saints doing something simple to show that together we are part of something bigger. We will take part in a journey – a walk, hike or roll that has particular meaning to us, that will provide a challenge to be achieved and give the opportunity for us to have some fun together – even if we can’t physically be in the same location together.

"Our Big Journey' is a brilliantly simple concept. The thought that Urban Saints/Crusader Groups can collectively join together with a venture that can be as simple or complex as the Group's decide, is spine-tingling. What a chance to be outside in the fresh air, together, witnessing and enjoying each other's company." - Group Leader, Essex

Interested in knowing more about Our Big Journey? Perhaps you might start to think about what you will do for Our Big Journey in 2023?

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