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'All Inclusive?' - Making Sense Of Our Senses

Thursday 6th October, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Online via Zoom


Exploring eight of our senses and sensory additional needs and disabilities as well as understanding Sensory Processing Disorder.

About this Event

Supporting children and young people with special or additional needs or disabilities - accessibility, inclusion and belonging for all. An Urban Saints event. Includes a full-colour A4 workbook, access to video learning, and an interactive online group training session.

There are at least eight senses; five that we can all think of; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, as well as three that we might not know so much about; vestibular (balance and movement), proprioception (body awareness), and interoception (awareness of what’s happening inside the body).

This seminar explores all eight senses, and provides us with practical ways to learn about them with our own children, or with children we care for in a club or group, as well as thinking about what Jesus did when he met people with sensory impairments or how he and the disciples responded to their own senses.

We will also understand Sensory Processing Disorder, which is journeyed with by as many as one-in-ten children and young people and is often experienced alongside a range of other additional needs and disabilities.

The 'All Inclusive?' Making Sense Of Our Senses training programme includes:

About Mark Arnold:

Mark Arnold is the Additional Needs Ministry Director at leading national Christian children’s and youth organisation Urban Saints and is Co-Founder of the Additional Needs Alliance, a vibrant and fast-growing online community. He is an enthusiastic national and international advocate for children and young people with additional (special) needs or disabilities and is passionate about enabling everyone engaging with them to be inspired, trained and well resourced.

Mark is the Churches for All Executive Officer and a Living Fully Network partner, a member of the Council for Disabled Children and the European Disability Network, and writes a monthly additional needs column for Premier Youth and Children’s Work (YCW) magazine. He blogs as the national award winning ‘The Additional Needs Blogfather’, and is father to James who is Autistic and has associated Learning Difficulties and Epilepsy.

To find out more about how Mark and his work can help you, contact him at: marnold@urbansaints.org or @Mark_J_Arnold

Testimonials regarding the 'All Inclusive?' programme:

“You’ve done some amazing work… You do some brilliant training, I’ve been to it, I highly recommend other people to look that up.” 
Martin Saunders, Director of Innovation and Deputy CEO, Youthscape

“Thank you for the training session this evening. I think it worked really well and was definitely a good substitute for us not being able to be together properly. It was actually really good to see some lovely faces during this lockdown period too. So thank you :)"

"It was really good to receive the online videos and workbook information well in advance of the Zoom meeting. I found that really helpful as it can be tricky fitting everything in at the moment with children being home too. The breakout session during the meeting was a good idea as it gave us the opportunity to chat a bit more freely, so thank you.” 
Re: ‘All Inclusive?’ – Diocese of Winchester (May 2020)

“This is fully inclusive communicating about all disability needs. Absolutely excellent communicator – thank you Mark.” “Great session, wonderfully communicated with fabulous insight. Incredibly helpful.” 
Diocese of Chichester ‘All Inclusive?’ (March 2020)

“Thank you so much for Saturday, it was brilliant to just hear all the ideas and things that we can put into place, to make church and our groups more inclusive. It also really blessed me to see so many people be engaged in learning more about Additional Needs. I didn't get a chance to fill in a feedback form but mine would be all 10's, I thought it was just fantastic.” 
St. Chads Church 'All Inclusive?' (February 2020)