Our Big Duck Race

Saturday 24th September

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Picture the scene: hundreds of plastic ducks racing along a river, each one representing someone who is part of Urban Saints.

Register a duck today

You’re invited to take part in the first Urban Saints duck race. Our Big Duck Race is a simple, visual way for people who feel connected to Urban Saints to do something fun together and raise some money. It’s also an opportunity for those who are interested in Urban Saints to get better connected with the mission of Urban Saints.

On Saturday 24th September, Our Big Duck Race will see hundreds of plastic ducks racing along a stretch of river in Hertfordshire. Each duck will be registered to someone connected with Urban Saints. Ducks cost £5 each to register and all the money from the ducks will go towards raising funds for the work of Urban Saints. The winning ducks will win a prize of some fantastic games and games equipment for an Urban Saints Group or Camp of your choice.

We’re not expecting spectators to turn up and watch the race - especially as we are hoping to see ducks registered from Groups, volunteers, supporters, parents and friends from all over the UK and Ireland. However, the race will be filmed so that even those taking part from a distance can share in the adventure and feel a part of Urban Saints wherever they are. We also hope to share the race live via social media so that everyone can experience the excitement of Our Big Duck Race.

Will you register a duck - or maybe more than one - to take part in this nationwide race and help Urban Saints continue to create safe spaces for young people to explore life and faith?

Register a duck today

Why take part in Our Big Duck Race?

Do you need another reason other than it will be fun - a little bit of competitive family fun for all those with a connection to Urban Saints? If so, read on…

If you have ever wondered how to show your appreciation and support for what Urban Saints does, taking part in Our Big Duck Race could be it? It’s simple and fun and costs as little as £5.

If you are a Group Leader or volunteer, you might choose to register a duck for your Urban Saints Group or more than one - how about one for every young person in your Group?! Why not encourage parents from your Group to register ducks too? The more ducks you enter, the more chance you get of winning the prize for your Group and the higher the likelihood that you’ll have the bragging rights at the finish line!

If you are already a supporter of Urban Saints, we’d love to you join in too - even if you don’t have a local Group or a favourite Camp that you can donate the prize to. If you are the lucky winner come 24th September, we can help you decide with whom to share the prize!

If one duck isn’t enough for you, why not register several?! If you’d prefer to donate more than £5 you can do this as a separate donation via a link in the confirmation email. If you want to increase the impact of Our Big Duck Race, why not invite others you know to register a duck too?!


What is the environmental impact?

We have borrowed ducks that have previously been purchased for this kind of activity. We will ensure that no actual ducks are harmed and that no plastic ducks get left in the river!