Pray Through May

Throughout May

This May we are supporting Youth For Christ's 'Pray Through May' initiative - praying through the month of May for young people.

We encourage all our supporters to sign up (via the Youth For Christ website) to receive daily prompts to inspire your prayers as well as weekly videos to focus your praying on young people and the world they live in. You can also download the Pray Through May resources pack to help you engage your youth group in the event.

Please click 'Register' or 'Book' to sign up and receive updates on Pray Through May.


Online launch - 28th April

Pray Through May launched with a national prayer evening (online) for young people on Thursday, 28th April. The idea of this prayer evening is to kick start the month of prayer. It will be an engaging and inspirational journey of prayer, worship, stories and contributions from featuring guests from all the partner organisations, including:

Neil O’Boyle, National Director at British Youth for Christ

Israel Oluwole Olofinjana – Director of One People Mission at Evangelical Alliance 

Josh Green – Youth Director at 24-7 Prayer 

Dan Randall – YXYA Director at HOPE Together 

Sammy Jordan – Project Leader for Hope for Every Home at HOPE Together 

Pete Baker – National Director at Pais Movement 

Anna Dawson – Recruitment Director at Pais Movement

If you missed the online launch event, you can watch it again here:

What is Pray Through May?

'Pray Through May' is a prayer month with a collective focus on specific areas of life for young people. Its purpose is to call the ministry of Youth for Christ and those with a similar heart in other organisations and the wider Church to lift young people to God in prayer, that they might discover the fullness of life that Jesus offers.

We have three main aims:

The month includes a number of prayer ‘elements’ you can join in with. This means that you can choose the level of engagement that best suits you. Youth for Christ have produced a booklet containing a list of suggestions or ‘elements’ that you can use as inspiration. However, we would also encourage you to think about other ways you can express a focus on prayer with your own ideas. As well as being prayer focussed we also want this to be as diverse and creative as possible. We would love to hear what you come up with!