Online Prayer Gatherings

Saturdays 9am -10am (recurring)



Online Prayer Gatherings 

Every Saturday until half term | 9am-10am

As Covid 19 broke back in March 2020 we at Urban Saints Ireland felt a deep conviction that we needed to gather and pray, pray for all frontline workers, national leaders, our churches, groups and the young people of our land.

As we step into 2021 we do so with hope that we will eventually see breakthrough and a turning of the tide against this virus. There will be challenging times ahead in this next few weeks and months across multiple sectors - pressures on our NHS as it reaches capacity, an Education system as it adapts again to an unfamiliar way of delivering courses and of course our leaders and young people as they must adapt again to connect in a time of isolation.

So we ask will you join with us again each Saturday and pray for our land. 

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Urban Saints Ireland Team 


Cover picture - Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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