24/2 Prayer

Be part of our 48 hours of prayer for Urban Saints

Urban Saints are holding a 24/2 prayer event from 9am Thursday 28th March to 9am Saturday 30th March. 

Please join with us as we pray for Groups, Leaders, children and young people, Camps, Overseas Adventures, Energize and all things Urban Saints!

To sign up and be a part of our 24/2 Prayer please click below.


“If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.”  Matthew 18:19-20If you believe that prayer changes situations, then we would love you to join in with this 48 hours of continuous prayer for Urban Saints and the discipleship of children and young people in the UK and Ireland.

Praying together is one of the most significant things we can do on behalf of others - whether they are children, young people, leaders, volunteers or members of the Urban Saints team. This '24/2' is a fantastic opportunity for us all to pray together, wherever we are, and whatever our involvement in or relationship to Urban Saints. Young and old alike calling on God and agreeing together that we long to see this generation transformed.

How to get involved

Sign up to take part and together we'll be praying continually in hour-long slots. You can pray wherever you are, in small groups if you prefer, but the important thing is that we cover the full 48-hour period in unbroken prayer. If you are familiar with the concept of '24-7 Prayer', you'll need no further introduction. If not, have a look at the link below to find out more.

Find out more about 24-7 Prayer and continual prayer here: 24-7 Prayer Room FAQs

What to pray for

As we come together to pray over these two days, let us remember the promise Jesus gives when we agree in prayer. If you receive the ‘Pray With Us’ prayer emails, you can use them to inspire your prayers for the ministry of Urban Saints - and we'll send a copy of the April edition to everyone who signs up to the 24/2 Prayer event.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:-

(New) Groups 

  • For our new Groups that have recently begun and the further new Groups that will be starting soon.

For our long-standing Groups

  • For our long-standing and new Groups to increasingly come together; for the new Groups to learn from other local older Groups near them.  


  • For the training of the new volunteer Leaders, and for the Impact Team Leaders as they facilitate this.
  • For the raising up of new volunteer Leaders. 
  • For those with busy lives, who juggle work, church and family life while also running Groups.
  • For them to be willing to commit to ‘the long haul’ and disciple over years and decades rather than just months.

For the raising up of new volunteer Leaders. 

  • For those with busy lives, who juggle work, church and family life while also running Groups.

Children and Young People

  • For the recruiting of new members for Groups.
  • For them to have receptive hearts and minds as the Gospel message is presented in Groups.
  • For them to give their lives to Jesus and become disciple-making disciples.


  • For the main Leaders and Core teams as they spend so much time planning and preparing for Camp.
  • For those stepping into Leadership roles for the first time.
  • For children and young people to book to come to Camps.

Overseas Adventures

  • For the preparations being made by the team that is going Overseas to Mexico in April.
  • For young people to book to come on trips in 2020 and 2021.


  • Give thanks for the supporters and developers who have helped launch the new version of Energize. 
  • That our users will soon familiarise themselves with the new site when it goes live.
  • That Energize resources will help leaders to communicate the gospel to children and young people in fresh and engaging ways.

    Why not join us as we pray together?! Pick an hour slot between 9am Thursday 28th March and 9am Saturday 30th March and sign up using the link below:


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