SPREE West Midlands 2019

Blackwell Adventure, Bromsgrove

A camping and activity weekend for children and young people aged 8 – 15 years!


Spree West Midlands is moving!

After three successful years at Lenchwood Christian Centre, Spree West Midlands is moving to Blackwell Adventure in Bromsgrove. This site provides us with a larger camping capacity and the ability to provide a wider range of fun and adventurous activities. This, in addition to our option of three creative, evangelistic and deeper teaching sessions, is why SPREE WM offers a full and exciting experience for children and young people wherever they are in their faith journey.  

Spree is a high-octane camping and activity weekend for children and young people aged 8-17 years, and it is specifically designed for Groups from all backgrounds.

  • It’s fully organised and great value; making getting away simple and affordable.
  • The fast-paced programme is jam-packed with a wide range of brilliant activities, day and night!
  • The Christian faith is explained in a clear and relevant way in age-appropriate sessions.

We believe Spree WM is a fantastic event. However, we would love to share some thoughts from our leaders too!

"All young people enjoyed their experience and have a much better opinion of Christianity. The event promote several faith discussions and opportunities to share God reality and impact on our lives."

"Our young people spoke of encountering God in a powerful way."

Special note (WARNING) for leaders:

We must admit this is an activity weekend. There is a chance you will be challenged by your young people to participate in something that is borderline scary.  We cannot lie, your group may even heckle you until you finally give in and attempt the leap of faith, take on a laser tag battle, or drop some miraculous break-dancing moves. 

We also have to confess that, in addition to the diverse range of activities, there is a first-class, evangelistic spiritual programme.  There is a high probability that your young people may come to you with challenging questions about the wonders of Christ when you, 
     a) have just sat down with a fresh coffee,
     b) are about tuck into a giant burger, or
     c) are desperate for a shower after getting particularly sweaty
        showing your group you CAN actually body-pop. 

The SPREE WM team can take no responsibility for these things.  However, there is a fantastic pastoral team available on-site if you require prayer, encouragement or a biscuit.  

There is also a First Aid room should you injure yourself doing the robot. 


To book, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Read the Spree DBS Policy shown in the declaration (link for form below point 2). Check whether your team meets the DBS criteria and start any new DBS checks required.

2. Complete and submit the Group DBS Declaration Form below. You will then be sent a link to your secure on-line Group Booking Form. This form cannot be saved during completion, so please take a moment to check you have all the details you need to complete it before beginning. 

DBS Declaration

3. Download the Promo Video, Flyer, Booking Guide, Information Pack and Consent Form from below to use in your group. Please note, as we still in the preparation stage, we have provided the 2018 Leaders'/Event Guides to help you prepare.  With the move to Blackwell Adventure, some information will not be applicable; however, there will still be parts that are helpful in your preparation. The 2019 edition will be available closer to the event. 

Spree Promo Video

Spree WM 2019 Promo Flyer

Spree WM 2019 Booking Guide

Spree WM 2019 Information Pack

Spree WM 2019 Parental Consent Form

Spree WM 2018 Leaders' Guide

Spree WM 2018 Event Guide

4. Collect Consent Forms and fees, complete and submit the on-line Group Booking Form, and send in the fees!

For further information, please email the SPREE WM TEAM

Terms and conditions

SPREE is organised and run by Urban Saints, with support from Worcester Diocese and other local organisations. The Spree event is underwritten by Urban Saints and falls subject to its policies, procedures and insurance. 

An Urban Saints Camp includes a full programme of activities, and washing facilities.  Travel to and from the site is not included. Spree West Midlands is a completely self-catering site (no cooking supplies will be provided). Groups will need to supply their own tent (unless they stay in the premium tented village for an additional cost, which includes fully erected tents, and fully equipped catering kitchen tents).  Click here to view our terms and conditions.