Loving, discipling & launching

Remember the past and look to the future

The 'DNA' of Urban Saints lies within the 111 year old Crusader model of volunteer leaders gathering young people into groups and then loving, discipling and launching them into the world to make a difference for Christ.
We can be sure that Albert Kestin’s century old discipleship model will still work in our 21st Century because it is precisely what Jesus did with His own discipleship group 2000 years before us. He gathered a group of young people, loved, discipled and launched them.
As we evaluate this generation, time and time again it is clear that young people are desperate for community, belonging and for real rather than virtual adventure, and whether or not they know it, young people crave the purpose and love that only Jesus can fulfil.

Urban Saints should intentionally position itself to meet this need and embark on the difficult challenge of seeking out new leaders for new discipleship groups.
When Crusaders received their Bible on a Sunday afternoon, they were not just joining a youth club - they were joining a 2000 year old movement of Christians, and developing a faith many would follow throughout their lives. They were making a choice to live for Jesus, a life, full of adventure, discipleship, mission, justice and fellowship. Our 2020 priorities will grow into a clear strategy to make Urban Saints’ Gospel message available to the next generation of children and young people.


Rev Albert Kestin founded the first Crusaders Group in 1900. Find out more