Covid-19 overview

Covid-19: Groups meeting face-to-face

Each national government now has its own Covid guidance for community-based youth/children's groups in addition to guidance (often different) for the general public. Urban Saints will continue to monitor the various government announcements and will update our guidance notes below as soon as possible after any changes are made across the nations. Regular hand washing/sanitising and cleaning of touch points in buildings used by Groups are still strongly recommended in all nations, and doors/windows should be opened to maximise ventilation. 

Guidance specific to England

Guidance specific to Scotland

Guidance specific to Wales

Guidance specific to Northern Ireland

Covid-19 Checklist and Risk Assessment Form - updated Sep 8th

For use by all Groups in all nations when they re-open after lockdown:

All Groups must download and use the following two documents when re-opening after the 2020-21 lockdowns. They are based on forms from the government's Health & Safety Executive and the National Youth Agency. Both are available as fully editable WORD documents or printable PDF files.

What to do if a child/adult attending a Group becomes unwell with Covid-19 symptoms at the Group




Northern Ireland

  1. The venue owners should be informed as extra cleaning may be required. 
  2. All Adults and parents of young people attending the Group meeting affected should be told that they must immediately contact Test and Trace in England, or the equivalent body in their nation, and report they have been in contact with someone who has suspected Covid-19 symptoms. Test and Trace (or the equivalent body) will manage the response from then on, which may require self-isolation for everyone until the test result is back for the child/adult who had the symptoms. 
What to do if a child/adult is confirmed as having Covid-19 after attending a Group meeting

If a child or adult that attended a Group meeting is confirmed to have developed Covid-19 following the Group meeting then Test and Trace (or the equivalent body - see previous section for details) should have been informed by the adult or parent of the child affected and they will ask for contact details of everyone attending the Group. The Main Leaders must make this information available. Test and Trace (or the equivalent body) will manage the response.

Covid-19: Information for Groups meeting online

We can also provide you with guidance on using digital technology to continue to engage with your Group online – including the key safeguarding advice at this time. If you have any questions about the following guidance, please get in touch.

Digital connection with individual young people during the coronavirus pandemic

Covid-19: Information and guidance for Camps

Last updated: 17th May 2022

Official guidance has changed significantly as restrictions ease across the nations. We have provided a simple guidance document to ensure Camps run in a Covid-responsible manner this summer, which can be used in all nations. 

Guidance for Camps and Sprees running Summer 2022 (all Nations)