Spree Covid-19 FAQs

These FAQs are designed to answer the main questions that Youth Leaders might have relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and young people attending an Urban Saints Spree. They will be regularly reviewed and updated but are correct as at the date stated below.

Updated: 1st June 2022

Are Sprees running in 2022? 

Yes! We are planning to run Sprees again in 2022. We are regularly reviewing the government guidance in each nation and up to date information on our 2022 Camps programme (including Sprees) can be found here

In what circumstances would Urban Saints cancel a Spree?

The safety of all those on our Camps is of paramount importance. Therefore, we would cancel a Spree if Government advice directly required it or if Urban Saints’ assessment of the situation was that it was not safe to run (this could be for a number of reasons).

If Spree is cancelled, will we be due refunds?

If Urban Saints decide to cancel a Spree before it starts then all fees will be refunded.

If a Spree is running and needs to close down, will we be due refunds?

In this circumstance, you would receive a proportionate refund, based on how far through the Camp this (unlikely) event happened.  Please see our standard terms and conditions (urbansaints.org/termsandconditions) for further details.  

What happens if some of my group have to cancel coming to Spree (having booked a place)?

In this circumstance, you will not be due a refund as you will be subject to our standard terms and conditions. See urbansaints.org/termsandconditions for further details.

However, if  the young people/leaders have to be withdrawn from attending a Camp for a Covid-related medical reason and has evidence to confirm this, then it may be possible to make small adjustments to your group booking numbers. This will be agreed on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed, particularly where event costs have already been incurred.

What if a leader can't come to Spree because of Covid?

There are many reasons youth group leaders are unable to attend their group activities as planned. We recognise that Covid adds more uncertainty and would always recommend that group leaders build contingency to their plans, by planning to bring an additional leader etc. 

What measures will Urban Saints take before and during the Camp to be Covid-responsible?

 Our aim is to run a safe, fun-filled event. We will be ensuring our general risk assessments are updated to include any Covid-responsible measures, specific to each Spree. Where there are recommendations for group leaders, we will send these out in advance. 

Will lateral flow testing be required?

Testing prior to attending Spree will not be required unless an attendee is symptomatic or has been in very close contact with someone with Covid-19. Further advice can be obtained from the Camps team on request.

If someone tests positive a few days before Spree, can they still come? 

If someone due to attend a Spree tests positive for
Covid-19, they should not attend that residential for 72 hours after receiving the positive result and must be symptom free before attending. Some Sprees may be operating to different guidance due to their location/nation so please contact the Spree team if you are in any doubt about whether attending is appropriate.  

What happens if one of my group develops Covid-symptoms during Camp? 

We have a detailed process that the Spree leader will follow if this situation occurs. Parents/guardians will be required to collect their child and then follow any government processes operating in the Nation at the time. 

If you have any further questions please click here to contact the Camps team.