Family Camping Covid-19 FAQs

These FAQs are designed to answer the main questions that families might have relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and family camping (including Family Camps at Studland). They will be regularly reviewed and updated but are correct as at the date stated below.

Updated: 28th June 2021

In what circumstances would Urban Saints cancel Family Camping?

The safety of all those on our campsite is of paramount importance. Therefore, we would cancel Family Camping if Government advice directly required it or if Urban Saints’ assessment of the situation was that it was not safe to run (this could be for a number of reasons).

If Family Camping is cancelled, will we be due refunds?

If Urban Saints decide to cancel Family Camping before it starts then all fees will be refunded.

If a Family Camping session is running and needs to close down, will we be due refunds?

In this circumstance, you would receive a proportionate refund, based on how far through the session this (unlikely) event happened.  Please see our standard terms and conditions ( for further details.  

If I withdraw my family from attending a Camp, will we be due a refund?

In this circumstance, you will not be due a refund as you will be subject to our standard terms and conditions. See for further details.

However, if  you have withdrawn from attending Family Camping for a Covid-related medical reason and have a note from a doctor to confirm this, then a refund will be issued.

What if Government advice means we are unable to attend Family Camping?

Should following specific Government advice mean you are unable to travel outside your local area then a refund will be given. Similarly, if you are asked to self-isolate due to being in contact with a positive case you will receive a refund. 

What measures will Urban Saints take before and during Family Camping to minimise the risk of infection?

A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out in advance of Family Camping operating, in line with current Government advice.  Our aim is to work with families to minimise the risk of infection for everyone. Some examples of measures onsite will include hand sanitiser, additional wash stations and enhanced cleaning schedules. 

Will face coverings, social distancing and other Covid-safe measures be required? 

We will be following government guidance regarding all Covid-safe measures. Currently that requires people to wear face-coverings indoors (unless exempt) apart from in some situations (for example when seated for eating and drinking). 

Will lateral flow testing be required and do adults need to be vaccinated?

Families are not required to take lateral flow tests prior to arrival, but will need to complete a simple Covid self declaration form. Adults do not need to be vaccinated. 

Team members will be undergoing regular lateral flow tests in line with Government guidance. 

How will Family Camping be different from normal?

Our campsite teams are working hard to create an experience and atmosphere that will be enjoyable for all. Due to social distancing requirements, it will look and feel a little different from past years to ensure we keep everyone safe.  It will still be possible to meet together for services and we will be following the relevant Government guidance for acts of worship. 

What happens if a member of my family develops Covid-symptoms during Camp? 

We have a detailed process that the Campsite team will follow if this situation occurs. The family will be required to travel home and follow the usual government process by arranging a PCR test.

Will I be required to register with test and trace? 

The campsite will have a QR code which we encourage families to use. The details of all family members onsite must be included on the Family Camping booking form and this information will be used if necessary to identify close contacts for test and trace purposes. 

If I am identified as being in close contact with someone who tests positive whilst I am at camp, am I expected to leave camp?

If you are identified as having been in close contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19 whilst on camp, then you must return home and self-isolate

Will I be able to go into other family’s tents?

We request that you only go into your own tent and refrain from going inside the tents of other families on the campsite.

Will there be a hot drinks station and access to a fridge?

Yes, families will have access to a hot drinks station and fridge. There will be additional cleaning measures and social distancing in place in these areas to ensure it remains Covid-safe. 

How will the dining arrangements be different? 

The food will be as amazing as always  with some adjustments to the way meals are served, to ensure Government guidance is followed. Each family will be allocated an area of the dining area and will collect food one table at a time. 

Will the washing/showering arrangements be different?* 

The showers and washrooms will be open and an enhanced cleaning schedule in place. There will be limits on the number of users able to access the facilities at one time to ensure social distancing can be maintained. Additional hand-washing facilities set up outside the washroom to reduce crowding at busy times of the day. 

*This question refers specifically to the Studland site. 

Thank you in advance for your patience and assistance in ensuring the campsite is a Covid-safe place to be and creates an enjoyable environment for all.

If you have any further questions please click here to contact the Camps team.