Camps Covid-19 FAQs

These FAQs are designed to answer the main questions that parents might have relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and young people attending an Urban Saints residential activity. They will be regularly reviewed and updated but are correct as at the date stated below.

Updated: 20th July 2021

Are Camps running in the summer? 

We are regularly reviewing the government guidance in each nation and up to date information on our 2021 Camps programme can be found here

What happens if the Camp you have booked on changes format (i.e. runs on different dates/ becomes a day Camp)? 

Government guidance currently means that there will be some restrictions on residential activity over the summer.  Each Camps team has considered what is possible in their specific situation and full details of our summer programme can be found online here. Where Camps plans have had to change, a full refund will be available to those wishing to cancel their booking.

Why are some Camps running, but not all of them?

The decision to run a Camp is based on many factors, including  the location, site layout, specific government guidance and each team's situation. These and other factors influence the decision to run or not. For some Camps running is sadly not possible, but for others it is feasible due to the circumstances they are operating under.

In what circumstances would Urban Saints cancel a Camp?

The safety of all those on our Camps is of paramount importance. Therefore, we would cancel a Camp if Government advice directly required it or if Urban Saints’ assessment of the situation was that it was not safe to run (this could be for a number of reasons).

If Camps are cancelled, will we be due refunds?

If Urban Saints decide to cancel a Camp before it starts then all fees will be refunded.

If a Camp is running and needs to close down, will we be due refunds?

In this circumstance, you would receive a proportionate refund, based on how far through the Camp this (unlikely) event happened.  Please see our standard terms and conditions ( for further details.  

If I withdraw my child from attending a Camp, will we be due a refund?

In this circumstance, you will not be due a refund as you will be subject to our standard terms and conditions. See for further details.

However, if your child has to be withdrawn from attending a Camp for a Covid-related medical reason and has a note from a doctor to confirm this, then a refund will be issued.

What if Government advice means my child is unable to attend Camp?

Should following specific Government advice mean you are unable to travel outside your local area then a refund will be given. Similarly, if you are asked to self-isolate due to being in contact with a positive case you will receive a refund. 

What measures will Urban Saints take before and during the Camp to minimise the risk of infection?

A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out in advance of any face-to-face Camps  (including day Camps) operating, in line with current Government advice. Additional information will be issued for both leaders and young people, prior to their arrival at Camp. Our aim is to work with parents and young people to minimise the risk of infection for everyone. 

Will face coverings, social distancing and other Covid-safe measures be required? 

We will be following government guidance regarding all Covid-safe measures.  In England, face coverings for those aged 11 years or older (unless exempt) are required in any enclosed, poorly ventilated indoor
public spaces, or where social distancing cannot be maintained. This does not include sleeping
accommodation. The guidance on who needs to wear face-coverings is slightly different in each Nation and each Camp will follow the guidance in their location. 

We will expect everyone to continue following social distancing recommendations in all communal
areas at all sites.  

Our aim is to run a safe, fun-filled Camp and our leaders are working hard to ensure this is possible. 

Will lateral flow testing be required?

For overnight Camps running in England, all those who are 11+ and not exempt, will be required to complete a lateral flow test prior to travelling to Camp and everyone will also complete a simple self-declaration form to reduce the risk of infection being brought on to the Camp. For Camps that are longer than 72 hours, testing will be carried out during the week.  Leaders will provide parents with further details in the joining instructions. 

There are different requirements for each Nation and those will be followed in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

Will the Camp programme be different to normal?

Our leaders are creating programmes that include all the things that make Camps so fantastically memorable. This will include games, activities and Christian teaching, just like normal!  Some things will need to be done a little differently to ensure we stay safe and follow government guidance but we are confident that everyone will have a great time. 

What happens if my child develops Covid-symptoms during Camp? 

We have a detailed process that the Camps leader will follow if this situation occurs. Parents/guardians will be required to collect their child and then follow the usual government process by arranging a PCR test and providing information to  the Test and Trace service. 

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