Adventures For All With Urban Saints Camps!

We're really excited to be offering a wide range of exciting and accessible Camps across the UK and Ireland. Our Camps welcome children and young people from all backgrounds. We run adventurous, fun-packed programmes including opportunities to explore the Christian faith. There are Camps for 8-18 year olds and also fantastic opportunities for those aged 16+ to get stuck into serving too.

Let's dive on in!

Do get in touch if you need help - we'd love to help you find the perfect Camp for you or your children and young people:

  • Call 01582 589850
  • Email the Camps team

Looking for something more tailored...?

Why not consider running your own camp or house party and make a booking at Urban Saints Westbrook on the Isle of Wight?! Competitively-priced, catered accommodation - with even further discounts for Energize subscribers and for bookings made in low season (October to March). Camping facilities are also available for a low-cost alternative.

Urban Saints Westbrook website

Concerned about the cost...?

We are aware that affording Camps can be a challenge and so we may be able to help you or a member of your Group - click here for more details...