Camp in a Box

Introducing Camp in a Box

A brand new resource, designed to give those missing out on Family Camps all the fun of camp, from the comfort of their home.

What is Camp in a Box? 

Sadly Family Camps can't run this year, but the fantastic Llanddwywe team have created this brilliant resource to brighten up everyone's days. 

Camp in a Box is designed to bring the wonderful experiences of Family Camp direct to the doorsteps of those who'd normally holiday with them. The Llanddwywe team are generously making this resource available to everyone so that youth groups, church groups and others can all benefit from it at this challenging time.  It can be used with any number of families and the online resources are totally free. It costs around £30 to put one family box together, but the included activities can be adjusted to fit your budget.

The theme of the 3 day ‘camp’ is growing in faith. This is divided into three daily themes:

  • Day 1: Planting,
  • Day 2: Growing/nurturing
  • Day 3: Bearing fruit

The material is designed specifically for use with families who have children under 12 and consists of material to be delivered in 3 different ways:

  1. Online video material - including an introduction to the daily theme,  activities for the whole family & teaching/worship time. 
  2. A goodie box with treats and materials to support activities - hand-delivered by the local leaders organising the 'camp'.
  3.  Zoom 'pick n mix' style material, designed to help local leaders host an online gathering each day for their families.

Camp in a Box is designed to be as flexible as possible, to work well in all locations. 

Getting Started

Here's a programme to get you started and to give you an idea how these creative resources might be used. 

 Time   Activity                                                                 
8am Breakfast - Making porridge with Aunty Jean
9am Kick Start - A video introduction to the theme of the day
10am Activities - your family’s opportunity to take part in a variety of fun activities
1pm Lunch Time - For Lunch you are invited to make pizza together following an instructional video
3pm Film your family's entry to the camp's talent show
4pm Together Time - a fast-moving, multi-media meeting
6pm Local Group Zoom - gather with other families to enjoy games, activities, and a talk about the theme of the day. 
7pm Bedtime Story - settle down for a story and don't forget your hot chocolate! 
9pm Parents Cafe Zoom - an opportunity for parents to chat and chill.

Click here to download the Full Sample Camp in a Box Programme

Camp in a Box Resources

The Camp in a Box programme includes teaching and worship resources, creative activities and material for leaders to use over zoom.  We have organised that material into a 3 day programme, but remember they can be used flexibly to work in your situation. 

Click on the links below to access the Camp in a Box resources.

Day 1 Planting: All resources 

Day 2 Growing/Nurturing: All resources

Day 3 Bearing Fruit: All resources

Camp in a Box Extra Resources 

Further Information

If you have any questions about running camp in a box or using these resources click here to contact Andy Hughes.

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Want to give us feedback? We'd love to hear it, just drop us an email.