All Inclusive:2U

An exciting opportunity to have a one-off visit from a member of the All Inclusive team at your church.

"I found 'All Inclusive:2U' helpful and insightful. It was good to hear some practical tips on how to work more effectively with children and young people with additional needs and the visit to our Youth Group was really useful, in that it provided us with a variety of ways in which we can engage young people more fully in our sessions. We will definitely be applying some of the things on a regular basis!"

A team member, with a wealth of experience of working with children and young people with additional needs in a range of settings, will join in with your church service, children's or young people's activities.

We will offer advice, strategies, resources and feedback to maximise inclusion and meet the needs of individuals in your church.

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For more information, or to request a visit from the team, get in touch:

Email the All Inclusive:2U team

All Inclusive:2U - Team Members

Mark Arnold heads up the All Inclusive programme, has over 20 years of youth work experience and is the father of James, a boy with Autism. He is based in the South West of England

Claire Dexter is a special needs teacher and has taught primary aged children in a range of settings. Claire is passionate about seeing children with special and additional needs knowing and loving Jesus. She is based in the East of England.

Judi Hattaway is an ordained minister, chaplain, trainer, teacher and counsellor. She is passionate about adult learning and helping to create a truly inclusive church. Two of Judi's four grandchildren have SEN. She is based in the Berkshire area of England. 

Beth Mellor is a teacher and has been involved in church work with children and young people for many years. Having previously coordinated Care for the Family’s Additional Needs Parent Support, she now runs setting up Café Drop-in sessions for those parenting children with additional needs. Beth is married to Chris, they have three adult children and live in the Far North East of England.

Kay Morgan-Gurr was a children's nurse until God called her into full time children's work. She's been part of Children Worldwide for over 17 years. Kay is the additional needs and disability advisor to Spring Harvest and is a founder of the Additional Needs Alliance. She lives in the Midlands.

Lynn McCann's day job is being an Autism specialist teacher and trainer. She is a leader in her church's ministry to adults with learning disabilities and helps to write Bible teaching materials for this group of people. She is passionate about sharing Jesus with others. Lynn lives in the North West of England.

Terrie Burland has experience in a variety of educations settings, including in SEN roles, as well as being Team Leader for the junior section at her church. She works as Duty Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Urban Saints' residential centre near Ryde, and is based on the Isle of Wight.

Emma Bacon is currently doing a gap year with Coventry Elim church, working within the children's ministry area, and has a passion for supporting children there who have additional needs. She is based in the West Midlands.

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