2019 Camps At A Glance

Our wide range of Camps are accessible to children and young people from all backgrounds. Every Camp has inspirational, age-appropriate teaching programmes where the Christian faith is explained in a clear and relevant way. 

2019 dates

Below are the dates for the remaining Camps running in 2019.  

Camps in Ireland

Kalos Senior Camp: 10th - 17th August 2019


Camps in Wales

Llanddwywe Family Camps 3: 12th - 16th August 2019

Llanddwywe Junior Camp: 6th - 10th August 2019


Nefyn Camps

Nefyn Week B (9-11's): 3rd - 10th August 2019

Nefyn Week C (12-14's): 10th - 17th August 2019

Nefyn Week D (10-12's): 17th - 24th August 2019

Nefyn Week E (16-18's): 24th - 31st August 2019


Studland Camps

Chattabox: 14th - 18th August 2019          

Family Camp 3: 23rd - 27th August 2019

Purbeck Venture: 5th - 13th August 2019



Houseparty @ Bethany School 17th - 25th August 2019

M+M Holidays - Week 2: 3rd - 10th August 2019

South East Summer Camps - Youth Week: 12th - 17th August 2019

South East Summer Camps - Children's Week: 18th - 23rd August 2019


Autumn and Winter 2019 Camps

Shine 2019: 15th - 17th November 2019

New Years House Party: 28th December 2019 - 02nd January 2020

If you want more information, click the name of the Camp to visit their web page, or drop us an email.

2020 Dates

Have you been on Camp this year? Interested in attending one of our Camps in 2020?

Why not check out our save the date page for details of next years Camps. 

 2020 Camps: Save the date