Fasten your seat-belts for a thrill-packed, high-octane, fun-filled, spiritually-charged weekend which can only be described as...


A great value, fast-paced, faith-transforming weekend for children and young people aged 8-15*. A jam-packed programme, fully organised for you, which makes getting away as simple as possible. An inspirational teaching programme with age-appropriate sessions, where the Christian faith is explained in a clear and relevant way.

(*and for those 16+ there are opportunities to come along and join the Service Crew team that help make Spree so awesome...)

Find a Spree near you...

Spree in the Borders (17th - 19th June 2016)

Spree North East (24th - 26th June 2016)

Spree North West (24th - 26th June 2016)

Midlands & East Spree (1st - 3rd July 2016)

Spree Wales (1st - 3rd July 2016)

Spree Westbrook (cancelled)

South West Spree (8th - 10th July 2016)

Spree South East (8th - 10th July 2016)

Spree West Midlands  (15th - 17th July 2016)

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